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Do You Have Any Ideas to Start Sustainable Living Like What Royal Golden Eagle is Doing Now?

Do You Have Any Ideas to Start Sustainable Living Like What Royal Golden Eagle is Doing Now?

There are so many ideas to start sustainable living. You might get inspiration from the world-class company Royal Golden Eagle on how to create sustainable living amidst the hustle and bustle of urban activity. And indeed, there are so many things we can do to start living a better, greener lifestyle that will benefit the planet in the future. You can start from your room, the whole house, office environment, school, and most importantly what you consume daily.

A sustainable lifestyle is not a program that we run today and then the next month or year it is gone. It is a commitment that we plant within ourselves to become a sustainable program and there will be no end to it. Branches of this program can also produce other programs such as self-awareness to choose sustainable fashion as an identity and be more concerned about the use of paper as part of our routine.

Royal Golden Eagle is also very concerned about environmental issues which led the company to create a flagship recycling program through paper upcycling.

Reduction of Wasteful Energy Consumption for Sustainable Living

A home is a place where energy consumption can be difficult to control. Just count how often you sleep on the sofa and the television still on until you wake up in the morning. Then, there is a dad who drives in and out of the house in his motorized vehicle just to make a quick trip to the convenience store and do his hobbies outside the home.

Kids also often do not turn off the lights after using the bathroom or leaving the room for a long time. Electricity and fuel energy leave a large carbon footprint even from just one house. As homeowners, we must be able to control the use of all energy so that it does not become a wasteful use. You can do the following simple things as follow:

Cut it on Time

When you turn on the television after a long day out, you should use that time to relax. You can eat, clean up your make-up, and check the office work you brought with you while watching tv. If you feel tired and sleepy, you should move quickly to turn off the TV and go to your room.

Manage Stress

Manage your stress so you don’t waste energy at home. When you return home, stress usually comes along. Maybe you had a bad day at the office. Watching tv late at night until you fall asleep on the couch is not a good habit. Kids can also imitate this. So, you have to manage stress with something better like gardening.

Low Power Electronics

Use electronics with lower power. High electricity consumption every month can make you stressed when you have to pay and also give more carbon footprint to the environment.

Sustainable Fashion

Buy clothes with materials that are easy to decompose when you no longer use them because they are badly damaged. You can use viscose rayon which comes from natural fibers to maintain sustainable fashion as part of sustainable living. This material is also easy to wash and does not require a lot of detergent. We know that detergent often pollutes the environment and it comes from our own homes.

Walk or Ride Bicycle

Try to walk or ride a bicycle if you only need to go to a place that is not far from home.

Creating Green Spaces Like the Paper Upcycling Concept

We know that world-scale Royal Golden Eagle companies have sustainable paper upcycling programs. They plant for the next five years after harvesting trees on thousands of hectares of land. The trees produce high-quality paper and pulp. Acacia trees and eucalyptus trees are nature’s natural fibers that can be the savior of the earth if humans are also willing to do some cultivation so that the trees continue to grow.

The concept of planting with methods such as paper upcycling can be replicated at home or the office where you work. Try to create a green space to be able to provide additional oxygen supply every day at home by planting the easiest trees. You can make your patio or backyard area, which was previously empty and arid because it was a cement area, into a green area by planting grass. Next, you can put some pots with useful plants in them.

You can plant your favorite fruits such as strawberries, melons, oranges, and many more where you can harvest them when the time comes. Some people like to plant herbs for traditional medicine storage or cooking. Some others like to plant flowers which can be a feast for the eyes when they bloom. Green space will be the most beneficial side of a location because it can contribute better oxygen and crops for daily consumption or your business.

Offices with green spaces can also have a habit-forming effect on employees. When they get stressed with work, they can go into the green space just to sit back and enjoy the beauty in front of them.

Conduct a Sustainable Fashion Campaign

We know there are a lot of posts about fast fashion on social media nowadays. Everything is bad about fast fashion because it wastes a lot of energy, the labor force is underpaid, and environmental damage is getting worse because of the hoarding of fast fashion products. There is nothing wrong if we as individuals try something like a campaign or event to introduce the importance of sustainable fashion to extend the life of the earth and live better.

The fabric that is included in the range of sustainable fashion materials is viscose rayon. Royal Golden Eagle also manages the company that is the world’s viscose rayon producer where the big investment happens. You have to use materials from natural fibers first before you start this sustainable living campaign. Next, you can share your experience of wearing the clothes that you will keep wearing for more than 5 years to come.

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